{Blog Tour} – Interview with J.A. Belfield

Published April 7, 2013 by LS Murphy

Guys, I’m thrilled to have the always wonderful, always witty J.A. Belfield on my blog today. If you haven’t read any of the Holloway Pack books, I highly recommend you stop everything and go do so now…. It’s okay…. We can wait…. *crickets* Okay? Everybody back? Good. 🙂

About J.A. Belfield: One day, a character and scene popped into J. A. Belfield’s head, and she started controlling the little people inside her imagination, as though she were the puppet master and they her toys. Questions arose: What would happen if …? How would they react if …? Who would they meet if …? Before she knew it, a singular scene had become an entire movie. The characters she controlled began to hold conversations. Their actions reflected the personalities she bestowed upon them. Within no time, they had a life, a lover, a foe, family … they had Become.

One day, she wrote down her thoughts. She’s yet to stop.

J. A. Belfield lives in Solihull, England, with her husband, two children, three cats and a dog. She writes paranormal romance, with a second love for urban fantasy

Now onto the INTERVIEW!

What made you decide to become a writer?

I’m a writer? Dude, that’s awesome. 😉

Nah, just kidding. It pretty much boils down to the fact that I daydreamed and nightdreamed aaaaaaaaaallllllll the while (what can I say, I was a bored housewife), and one particular daydream just would not leave me alone. A few days later, it was still bugging me, and that’s when I began entertaining the idea of writing it down and making it into a story. It became my first novel.

What inspired you to write about werewolves?

My dreams. I have real funky and off-the-wall dreams. Sometimes they involve werewolves, and I found them fascinating whilst terrifying yet appealable and sexy all at the same time. So my head was—is—happy to venture deeper into what might make them tick and how they’d deal with being members of the ‘real world’.

If tomorrow you woke up and found out that you were turned into werewolf, what would your reaction be?

First reaction: OMG! This is freaking awesome!

Second reaction: F***! This is really gonna hurt.

Which character from the Holloway Pack do you relate to the most? Why?

The pack member who’s spent the most time inside my head is Sean, so I know him on a whole other level than I do the other pack members. However, due to gender and *getting* the female psych a lot more than I do the male, I’d have to say Jem. Because I can be as irritating and tough and as foolishly rash as she’s known to be. But I also value my friends and know how to love.

Okay, fess up. Which Holloway Pack werewolf is most like Mr. B.?

Dayam, what kind of a question is THIS?! I don’t know if I can compare, seeing as one’s 100% real and the others are 100% made up, but if you’re gonna force me to choose, I’d have to say Sean. A lot of how Sean feels toward Jem, as well as the decisions he makes because he believes they’re the best even though they drive her nuts, remind me a lot of what I ‘feel’ from Mr B. That a good enough answer?


Alrighty then. Make sure ya’ll check out Belfield’s latest Holloway Pack tail (get it?) Resonance!

Guilt is a heavy burden for the one carrying it.

Jem Stonehouse is no exception to this rule.

What if she’d acted sooner? What if she’d fully recognised the threat? What if she hadn’t allowed the male pack members to head into the witches’ ambush?

For one, youngest pack member Josh Larsen wouldn’t be trapped in the sleep of the dead.

Now, Jem is convinced it’s her job to bring him back to life no matter what it takes— learning more about her heritage, risking pack exposure, or travelling to places she couldn’t have imagined possible.

Even if the journey endangers her soul.


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