Rockin’ Thursdays – Super Bowl Commercial Edition

Published February 7, 2013 by LS Murphy

Instead of a music vid today, I’m interrupting this broadcast to tell you why the Dodge Ram commercial beat out the Clydesdales this year.

God made a farmer. Yes, this sealed the deal for me. Growing up on a farm in NE Missouri, I saw the daily struggles of farm life, the hours of work put in each day, and the amount of commitment it took to farm the land. Some farmers, like my uncle, also had full-time jobs along with managing the day-to-day operations of the farm. Seeing Dodge shout out it’s appreciation to the men and women who bust their backs every day so that we can have wheat, soy, corn, etc., swelled my chest with pride. No, I’m not a farmer, nor will I ever be one, but I know many who are; classmates who have followed in their parents footsteps for example. This commercial was about them, and I loved it.

It touched my heart more so than the baby Clydesdale.



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