Published January 7, 2013 by LS Murphy


It’s here. It’s finally here!


Thanks to everyone who put up with me… I mean, supported me on this journey. Reaper wouldn’t have happened without my family and friends. 

A special shout-out to the real reason why I made it this far goes to the Bean and the hubby. You guys are my world.

Let’s celebrate with a little music.



8 comments on “REAPER IS HERE!

  • I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting sooooo long to read a killer YA book about farming. I love the irony that she’s clearly not wearing work clothes in the cover picture, but she can still work in the fields with the best of them.

    Most of all, I’m looking forward to the sequel “Gleaner” about how Quincy collects the leftover pieces of split grain. That will rock! 😉 As, in all seriousness, do you. Congratulations!

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