5 Questions with Jennifer Stevenson

Published October 23, 2012 by LS Murphy

 Jennifer Stevenson lives in Chicago and spends her days exercising to unseemly degrees and finding new uses for old sex demons.

Now on to the FIVE QUESTIONS

1. What was the spark of inspiration for It’s Raining Angels and Demons?

The previous book, which is book one of my new series Slacker Demons, is called It’s Raining Men, and I’m not giving anything away when I say that I figured out how to have it really rain men in the final scene.  Believe you me, that took some thinking.

But then I thought, “Hm, I wonder what happens to some of those couples?  And what if it goes wrong?”  And then I thought, “What a great opportunity for a sexy romance novella!”

At that point, Mutt and Jeff (Mutmumtazarak and Jioffriel) were born.  One’s a demon, one’s an angel.  They yell Geronimo! and jump out of aircraft into the slacker demons’ neighborhood … and something goes wrong.  Like every other angel and demon on their task force they’re destined to meet the women of their dreams and settle down with them … and something goes wrong.  I had a ball messing with their minds until they get caught.

2. Which character most resembles you in your story?

Oh, brother.  You do know, don’t you, that I made them all up?  I would have to say that the character whose role most resembles mine is Baz, a.k.a. Ashurbanipal, a retired Mesopotamian warrior-priest-poet-king who has found work as a sex demon.  Baz adopts our stray angel and demon and offers to teach them the tricks of his trade, but he’s not playing fair, and he’s not telling them everything, and he teases them a lot.  Which is what the author does.  It’s my job to make these people miserable before they get their happy ending. Oh, and to get them laid.

3. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Persist.  Find your inner arrogance and don’t let go of it.  You have something to offer that people will pay for, even if you’re not sure what it is yet.  If you don’t know yet, make something up until you do know. Never quit, keep writing, hang onto your belief in yourself.

4. What are you working on now?

Right now I’m finishing This Kiss, which is a title that will no doubt have to change, about how the third slacker demon, a defrocked Hindu god of sensual love named Kamadeva, finds and woos his virgin amnesiac runaway bride.  It’s incredibly sweet.  Slacker Demons book one, It’s Raining Men, is full of snark and banter and people being too cool for school.  It’s Raining Angels and Demons is very, very sexy.  Kama’s story is just so sweet, I spend half my time going “Awwww,” and the other half trying to figure out how to make the next moment even cuter.

5. Finally, Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Beatles. They have a stronger sense of humor.  I’m all about the humor.

About It’s Raining Angels and Demons

The man drought is over!  Angels and demons fall into the arms of the sex-deprived women of a sleepy Chicago neighborhood.  Only two women get gypped.

An angel and a demon escape capture and find temporary refuge with a team of renegade sex demons…but they’re not safe yet.

Heaven doesn’t remember them, Hell doesn’t want them, and two horny mortal women are hunting them.

It’s raining angels and demons!

Click to Buy It’s Raining Angels and Demons


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