Book Review: Bittersweet by Brooke Moss

Published June 28, 2012 by LS Murphy

Synopsis: Anna Kirkpatrick isn’t looking for love. Being a single mom to Bowan, her eight-year-old autistic son, takes up all of her time…leaving no room for romance. Willing to do anything to help her son come out of his shell, Anna agrees to take Bowan to cooking classes with a world class chef.

Motorcycle-riding pastry chef Leo Mancini isn’t exactly searching for
“the one”, either. After losing every penny he had, his business, and
his girlfriend, he’s moved to northern Idaho to sulk, restart his
career, and pay his sister back for a loan that no amount of money
could ever really suffice.

When Anna and Leo discover that Bowan’s fondness for the kitchen
extends beyond his peculiar cookbook collection, Leo quickly becomes the one person who can break through his barriers. But will Leo and Anna’s attraction lead to more than just a weekly cooking lesson?

The First Line: “‘It’s getting worse,’ I sighed.” Now I have to keep reading. Something’s getting worse. I must KNOW what it is and why the main character is so resigned to accept it. I’m hooked.

The Good: Anna Kirkpatrick is a well-balanced character. She’s a single mother with child dealing with Asperger’s syndrome. Moss manages to show Anna as a loving mother who has frustrations with the situation she’s in. Not once do you feel like Anna resents her son, but you do understand that she’s built this bubble to protect him and inadvertently enclosed herself. Her personal frustration is so miniscule that it comes across as utterly believable for a single woman. I felt for Anna and for Bowen. He’s a good kid and has a good heart.

In comes Leo Mancini to pop a hole in that bubble. A biker who is a talented pastry chef? Double yum. I love the play on stereotypes.

The Bad: That it was too short. There is enough plot to make this into a novel.

Recommendation: Bittersweet is a great novella to add to your e-reader. Add it to your list and fall in love with Leo, Anna, and Bowen while you’re lounging by the pool.


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