5 Questions with Robin Renee Ray

Published May 10, 2012 by LS Murphy

BIO: Robin Renee Ray is known as a Multi-genre Author. She’s only been writing for five and a half years, but has come to love everything about being a novelist. She began in the paranormal romance genre, then jumped into horror, then right on into suspense thrillers. She has also co-author a children’s book with her oldest grand, A.L. McBee…. 18 novels and numerous short stories later, she is well on her way in the writing world! She resides in Southern New Mexico with her husband, David, and lives very close to her two granddaughters.

Her main dream in the writing world, now, is to be the female version of the late, great, Alfred Hitchcock. She has also added scriptwriting to her list and has a project with a film production company in New Orleans for future consideration that goes along with her soon to be released story: Zombies, Sex and Chocolate Cheesecake with Hellfire Publishing. A mini series in three parts…Book one: Before It Began…Book two…Zombie, Sex and Chocolate Cheesecake and book three…Stopped by a Single Bullet. All three books are going into script form and being turned in as Seasons Projects to the film company.

Next project…Who knows..LOL “Thinking I may try a novella ‘Christian Love Story’ for my mother?”

Now on to the FIVE QUESTIONS


1. Where did the spark of inspiration for Renee come from?

Robin: The character’s life came from my mother’s world, down to where she was born in the small town of Burkett Texas. Everything about Burkett and Renee’s life on the farm is true. The cemetery with that oval Tomb of Doc Hills’ wife is there to this day, the one where Martin (Marteen) takes her, the very place he had been staying throughout two months worth of days while he watched Renee during those nights. His love for her grew long before he knocked on the door that first night. Renee is strong like my mom and I gave her the Crocker name, my mother’s maiden name. Her people are buried in the Burkett Cemetery so it looks cool for those who have read the books and know and have been there and seen Renee’s mother’s headstone…My mother’s grandmother…to this day there is no death date and she was born in the 1800’s??? A cool strange note for Bloodbreeder Fans. ; )

2. Bloodbreeders is set during the 1930s. Why did you chose that era?

Robin: Once again, because it’s the time from when my mother and her people lived and ran the family farm. I know the area like the back of my hand and everything else I got in conversations with my mom. I keep the first 5 books in the series in the 30’s and 40’s showing how Renee’s walk in darkness began and how she chose to take action at the treatment of others, Bloodbreeders or normals.

3. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Robin: Write everything that hits your thoughts, even if you have to stop a key project for a few hours. Write the main idea down so you can get back to it. And never stop writing no matter what you think your story/stories may be…we all get down on ourselves at times…think the flows not going the way we thought it would be, but who cares??? You just keep hitting those keys until you complete that tale and you will be surprised at how truly wonderful it really is!!!

4. What is your solution to writer’s block?

Robin: Start a new project….never let writer’s block run the show..LOL Leave whatever has you blocked and open a blank page. If nothing comes to mind then snag a photo and write a tale about it, whatever comes to mind. It will get you back on track more than you think and if you can bounce into a different genre, even better. ; )

5. Finally, Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Robin: This is gonna show my age, but Beatles..LOL  Come Together and Let It Be are songs that will live forever. ; )


One comment on “5 Questions with Robin Renee Ray

  • Hi Renee and LS! Great 5 questions. Renee, I didn’t know you used so much of your heritage in the Bloodbleeders. Pretty cool. I do know from watching your success the last year or so, you’ll reach your dream – Female version of Alfred Hitchcock! Best wishes to you. (((HUGS))) from Steve and I – two of your fav characters! LOL

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