Book Review: Breathless by Cole Gibsen

Published March 28, 2012 by LS Murphy

Synopsis: Obituary-reading emo girl Edith Small is broken – the end result of forcing herself inside a mold that doesn’t fit. All she wants is to conform to her strict sergeant stepfather’s rules long enough to make it to graduation day.

But a boat accident threatens to unravel the life Edith has worked so hard to keep. After waking up in a hospital with a lacerated shoulder, Edith fakes amnesia. Because admitting she received her injuries from a blue-haired girl who breathes underwater is all the reason Sir needs to send Edith on the first bus to military school.

Safe at home, Edith struggles to put the nightmare behind her. But the mysterious creatures that live in the ocean aren’t about to let her forget.

After meeting Bastin – a strange boy with silver hair and black eyes – on a secluded dock, Edith learns about the war raging undersea to end human existence. A war that Edith, unwittingly, has become the key to winning.

In a world where death is an ever-present shadow and motives are as dark as the bottom of the ocean, Edith must decide if her life is worth risking for a love that can’t survive past the shore.

The Cover: I love this cover. It doesn’t give the impression of being a paranormal romance, but it goes give the sense of desperation of Edith.

The First Line: “Only three more hours until my curfew. Three long hours of biting my tongue and pretending I wanted to be on the boat, when, really, I wanted to be anywhere but here.” Great sense of character here. Edith’s desperation shines through and hooks the reader. I need to know why she’s actually looking forward to her curfew which spurs me on.

The Good: ROMANCE! The forbidden romance that emerges propels this story and makes it almost impossible to put down.  Edith is a fascinating character. Her voice is authentic. Her fears are realistic. The relationship with her stepfather is complicated and genuine.

Edith’s slips and slides through her personal hell is like a roller coaster ride you don’t want to end, but you know it has to. You just hope, for once, it ends on her side.

The Bad: Not enough Morgan. Edith and Morgan become best friends, but Morgan was missing for a good portion of the book early on. Especially when Edith was staying out all night and falling in love. We don’t get enough of Morgan being a best friend during this point.

Recommendation: This is definitely a book that lovers of YA paranormal romance should read. It will leave you breathless.


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