5 Questions with Vickie Motter

Published February 28, 2012 by LS Murphy

Vickie’s bio from her amazing blog Navigating the Slush Pile: I’m the newest agent with Andrea Hurst Literary Management (website here). Every Thursday I am a guest blogger at the agency blog, so stop by and say hi(agency blog here).

Visit my Wednesday Reads for recently read books, what I liked about them, and whether I would represent something like it.

I give advice about the publishing process (from page one to book) and reveal things you (and I) might not have known.

I represent both adult and young adult fiction. In either category a strong voice, unique characters, and a well developed world is sure to get my attention.

Now on to the FIVE QUESTIONS

1.      What inspired you to begin “Wednesday Reads” on your blog?

I was reading all of these books for “market research” and couldn’t brag about it! I started blogging about books I was reading with some regularity, so I came up with a non-creative name, gave it a day of the week, and inadvertently set myself a goal to read a book a week. That last part may become my downfall. From the nature of my blog, meant to help writers, that I decided to aim all my book reviews towards writers–give them the agent’s POV.

2.      What is the biggest mistake a writer makes when querying you?

It’s not even so much the query, since the mistake originates in the manuscript (and the query reflects that). But I’d say it’s the main character. I reject more queries because of flat characters than for flat plots. The main character needs to have more depth, and more to describe him/her, than just what happens to him/her in the plot.

3.      What would you like to see more of in your inbox?

Adult Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Women’s SciFi, Steampunk

YA SciFi, Steampunk, Contemporary Romance.

New ideas, mixed genres, and interesting-jump-off-the-page characters.

4.      What are you reading right now?

I haven’t started a new book since after my last Wednesday Read: Hounded by Kevin Hearne. So currently I’m just reading manuscripts.

5.      Finally, Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Beatles! I had a really wacky Beatles phase in Junior High that still sticks with me. Actually, I feel weird answering that question. I grew up in the generation of Backstreet Boys vs N’Sync (if that doesn’t make me sound young, not sure what will). And before you ask, neither. I was an oldies girl 🙂


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