Book Review: Bloodbreeders: Living In Darkness by Robin Renee Ray

Published February 7, 2012 by LS Murphy

Synopsis from Goodreads: Not once in her life did farm girl Renee Crocker, imagine she would encounter a world found only in the minds of myth-seeking men. Although the things they sought were not always unheard of in the 1930’s in other parts of the world, life was just too harsh in the small Texas community, to pay mind to anything other than raising a healthy crop to ensure the survival of one’s family. But late one evening during supper, a stranger comes knocking on the door of the Crocker family farm house and is invited inside.

It doesn’t take long for Renee to discover a great number of things that people in her neck of the woods couldn’t even contemplate. The dark of night takes on a whole new meaning, and the once vulnerable young country woman finds herself struggling to survive in a world that demands she live forever in darkness.

The Cover: The red and black gives off a vibe of the eerie, which is totally suitable for this novel.

The First Line (from the prologue): “I lie in the cold silent darkness with no way of knowing how much time has passed, for what seemed like an eternity.” Definitely a good way to suck a reader in. I dove in head first wondering why this was happening & feeling empathy for the narrator.

The First Line (from Chapter 1): “I will never forget the night that he arrived at the farm.” This is also a great way to suck a reader into the story. You immediately know that the MC is a woman and “he” made a lasting impact on the first night. You also know that this woman is a farm girl and that the setting is not modern-day.

The Good: The main character is well-crafted. I love her growth from a 26-year-old naive spinster to a tough as nails vampire and how you go through that journey along with her. Renee is stronger than you realize at first and that keeps you reading. I also love the way the author doesn’t shy away from the harsh truth that Renee must face.

The Bad: Not a fan of the prologue. It didn’t seem necessary and was a little long which is why I listed both first lines. The way Chapter 1 opens is well crafted. (As a general rule, I’m not a huge fan of prologues to begin with.)

Recommendation: If you can stomach the horrors that Renee faces in her “new life” as well as the things that she does, then this is totally worth it. This is not a novel for the faint of heart. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next book in the series.



6 comments on “Book Review: Bloodbreeders: Living In Darkness by Robin Renee Ray

  • Thank you so much, L.S. Murphy!

    I am so sorry I haven’t been by before now. I’m just now getting caught up on my blog hop..LOL You brought tears to my eyes…I am so glad that you enjoyed book one. Book two is being released Feb 17th, if you’re interested?

    Once again..Many Thanks!

    Big Hugs~

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