5 Questions with Dawn Binkley

Published February 2, 2012 by LS Murphy

Executive Editor, Dawn Binkley

Dawn Binkley, a writer since her late teens is driven by the written word. She believes, without writers the world as we know it would cease to exist. Books, scripts, advertisements, history, the daily news reports, none of it would be possible without smart, articulate people to write it.

Mrs. Binkley is also a writer and is better known under her pen name Keira Kroft.

Dawn, co-owner of Hellfire Publishing and Hellfire Comics, also carries a vet assistance degree. Her love for animals is as great as her love of people. She gives a percentage of her personal book sale profits to the animal welfare league.

She was born and raised in Chicago and now resides in a quiet suburbs in the outskirts of the city with her husband and her daughter. Dawn spends her spare time working with her cats Scamper and Sawyer, to achieve total world domination, one shared Twinkie at a time. Her passions include reading, writing, football and shopping.

Dawn will read anything you put in front of her. Whether she will like it, is another story. Her preferences are vampires. If an author were to submit something with what she calls “real” vampires, she will rip the hair out the head of any one that will try to take it from her. Also amongst her preferences are ghost stories, werewolves and other paranormal beings. She looks for creativity and wild imagination.

Direct quote from Dawn “without great imagination, writing would simply be nothing more than meaningless paper.”

She strives to bring the best fiction possible to the plate and has carefully staffed HP with like-minded, smart, driven people in the editor positions. The entire foundation of Hellfire Publishing is built upon community, love and trust.

Now on to the FIVE QUESTIONS:


1. What is something you are seeing too much or too little of in your slush pile?

Dawn: Too much of writers not following simple submission instructions, (raises eyebrow) and too little Romance.

2. What are the most common mistakes writers make when submitting to you?

Dawn: I am so glad you asked, 🙂 Rudeness, which we do not tolerate and multiple submissions. The later might be our fault; we need to be clearer in stating that we don’t take multiple submissions. It’s stated in our FAQ’s section. I am sure not everyone reads them unless they’re looking for something particular, although I suggest that they should.

3. What is your solution to writer’s block?

Dawn: Keep writing. Seriously, start something else. I have many novels and stories started. That is good thing, I can follow my muse wherever it leads and eventually it will lead to over fifty finished pieces of work.

4. What are you reading right now?

Dawn: Bloodbreeders 2: The Revenge by the awesome Robin Renee Ray.

5. Finally, Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Dawn: That is so funny, I ask a daily question on my Facebook and that ‘WAS’ going to be one of this week’s questions, lol. I think it’s thee question. Stones, baby! Although I am a huge Beatles fan.



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