Colby & the TRADE

Published July 28, 2011 by LS Murphy

World Series rings are not won based on a player’s potential. Neither are League championships, Division championships, or even single season games. It’s that simple.

While I appreciate that Colby Rasmus has incredible potential, it was time for him to move on from St. Louis. He wasn’t happy here. He never would be either. A player that asks for a trade two seasons in a row, doesn’t want to play for that team anymore, no matter how much smoke (or money) you blow up their a$$.

People are screaming for LaRussa’s head. People are screaming for Mozeliak to stop catering to LaRussa. So instead of looking at it from a baseball perspective, look at it from a standard employee/employer perspective.

As an employer, you have an employee who doesn’t want to work for your company. He’s not living up to your expectations. You can’t fire him because he hasn’t done anything wrong. The employee just doesn’t fit with the whole of the company.

As an employee, you feel like your boss is always picking on you. Your coworkers are on your rear about how to do this and how to do that. Then you have your father telling you how to do your job as well.

The best solution for all involved is for the employee to move on.

This is what happened when the Cardinals traded Colby Rasmus to Toronto. I wish him well. I hope he lives up to his potential. And I hope he grows some balls and tells his father to butt out of his career. He’s 24 not 14. He can vote, buy booze, and go to as many strip clubs as he wants. Why does he need his father to hold his hand as he figures out his career?

Good Luck, Colby.


2 comments on “Colby & the TRADE

  • Your comment about Tony Rasmus is spot on. His influence has so far stalled Colby’s career. If Colby doesn’t make a stand and tell his father to fuck off his career will likely be ruined. I wish nothing but the best for him, but he needed to go somewhere else.

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