Get Your Mardi Gras On

Published March 6, 2011 by LS Murphy

Ah, Mardi Gras. An annual right of excess for Catholics and those pretending to be Catholic for the day. Or even religious. Granted Fat Tuesday is the REAL Mardi Gras, we here in St. Louis have taken to celebrating our inebriation on the Saturday before.

I just like to walk the parade route.

The floats didn’t disappoint this year. The theme of “Great American Treasures” gave Krewes plenty to pick from. Our float tipped its hat to the great American tradition of Tailgating.

Even the Marines showed up to provide a little music.

The most psychedelic bus to hit city streets since the 60s tipped their hat to, of all things, The Muppet Show.

And it wouldn’t be called Great American Treasures without about 80 Marylin Monroes on one float and some had beards.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a parade without Evil Knievel. Or lots of Evil Knievels.

There was so much to see and so much creativity on the floats that it blew my mind. One Krewe paid tribute to Mom’s Apple Pie with a giant pie on the top of their truck that had “steam” coming out of it. That’s just awesome.

And then there is the parade itself. It’s like being a rock star for the day.  Everyone loves you and you love them back with copious amounts of beads. It has to be experienced.

Yep that’s me in the blue hair.

So if you ever find yourself in St. Louis next February or March or whenever Mardi Gras falls next year, come down the parade and get your bead on. It isn’t New Orleans, but we don’t try to be. St. Louis has its only little Mardi Gras niche and I promise a good time is had by all.


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