Twisters and More

Published February 28, 2011 by LS Murphy

I made my feelings about tornadoes pretty clear in my post The Fear of Twisters. Yeah, not a fan

Imagine my surprise when the wind woke me up last night. No, not a tornado siren, it was all wind.

Was it a twister? It felt like it , but probably not.

I was sound asleep when it all came down. At 11:44pm, the wind hit my house and started shaking it. Yes, I looked at the clock as I tried to untangle myself from my covers and grab my daughter at the same time.

Just as I snapped awake, my husband rushed into the room and shouted, “Get to the basement. NOW!”

Um, yeah. Got that when I thought I was going to become Dorothy and scoot on over to Oz. But that wasn’t the time for sarcasm.

After we were safely cowering in our basement, my hubby told me what had happened before the wind tried to carry me off.

He had stayed up to watch the radar online, on his phone, and on TV as the warnings grew closer. About ten minutes before the storm hit, the sirens in our little town hit their high note. For about twenty seconds. Then they wound down. So, no need to worry, right?


Until the house started doing the Funky Chicken.

We were lucky. There wasn’t any damage to our house or our cars. People down the street weren’t so fortunate. Plenty of houses had siding torn off, trees uprooted, and more substantial damages. Other towns in the area didn’t fare so well either as tornadoes and high winds ripped down signs, dropped trees on cars, and even shut down a highway by knocking some powerlines across it.

It’s too bad that the science in the movie Twister hasn’t caught up with reality yet. Good old Hollywood magic. Maybe I would’ve been in the basement long before the storm attacked had the sirens continued. Maybe I would’ve felt a teensy bit safer instead of racing down the steps with a two-year old asleep in my arms.

I just hope my luck holds up for next time.


5 comments on “Twisters and More

  • Wow that is really scary.
    I just missed a tornado a few months ago driving down a highway. Up ahead I saw a lot of dirt and debris in the air and moving. Having lived in Minnesota I recognized it as a small tornado crossing the highway about 1/4 mile away. I pulled onto the median and the winds buffeted the car around on the wheels. I had my grandson in a car seat so there was no running from the car. It happened so fast. Moments later the siren went off.
    Thank God you and your family are ok.

  • Thanks. I did a better survey of the neighborhood and there was so much more damage than I had seen in the wee hours of the morning. One house had all of their front windows blown out.

    You would think that they would err on the side of caution with the sirens. There isn’t any reason for them not to go off steadily if there is even a hint of a threat.

  • That story sounds a lot like mine. A few years back, a tornado went through my town in Nebraska, where I was living at the time. Woke me up from a dead sleep at 2am. No one else was home at the moment, and the sirens didn’t go off until about 5 minutes after the tornado passed. Fortunately, my house was untouched! Amazingly, no one was hurt, either.

    The scary thing is, down in Florida, we don’t even have sirens… O_O

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