Ferris at Wrigley

Published February 8, 2011 by LS Murphy

Spring Training is right around the corner. Can I get a WooHoo?

Anyway, besides checking for news of an Albert Pujols contract extension, I read Yahoo Sports to keep up on any baseball happenings. Especially those in the NL Central.

And then I ran across this little gem by David Brown, which lead me to the actual blog post by Larry Granillo about what game Ferris Bueller actually went to in the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. To be honest, I never thought about whether or not they filmed during a real game. It didn’t really matter either, since it was the Cubs. I took it for what it was at the time. AN AWESOME WAY TO SKIP SCHOOL (when I got older of course. I was still in single digits when the movie came out. No lie.)

But now, thanks to some serious investigative reporting and twenty something years, we know. You’ll have to click on the link to see above to see it. I’m not giving it away. I will say it’s pretty interesting.

Especially since Cardinal Fans know that the footage in another film was so sadly real.

But I will give you this clip (Yep the same YouTube clip that is up on Yahoo. It’s there for a reason.)  The game begins about 2:30 into the clip, but why not watch the ENTIRE movie! (Really, though, see it if you haven’t.)



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