What I Learned from The Golden Globes

Published January 17, 2011 by LS Murphy

As I’m sure EVERYONE is aware, last night the Hollywood Foreign Press handed out their annual awards to the best in TV and film.

I love watching awards shows…usually.

This time, not so much.

First, let me say, Ricky Gervais was brilliant. He’s witty, funny, sarcastic, and totally the best host the Globes have every had.

Second, congrats to Chris Colfer and Jim Parsons. Both are brilliant and deserved the recognition.

Third, and my only fashion comments in this post, Tilda Swinton needs a new stylist. Sorry, it needed to be said. I love  Robert Downey Jr., but he needs to not steal Johnny Depp’s look. Sorry, that needed to be said too. RDJ is fabulous and I’ve been a fan of his since Weird Science. He needs his own look, especially since he’s done the shaggy, unkept thing before. (Insert joke here.)

But what did I learn?

Well, that I’m out of touch. As a self proclaimed TV addict, I haven’t seen many of the shows nominated. In the Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical, I’ve watched Glee and The Big Bang Theory. I’ve never seen 30 Rock, Nurse Jackie, Modern Family, or The Big C. In fact, The Big Bang Theory is the only one of these shows I watch regularly. Glee has lost my interest and I usually catch it when I can.

In Best Television Series, Drama, I’ve only seen The Good Wife. And only on a rare occasion.  I kept meaning to check into The Walking Dead, because who doesn’t love zombies and Andrew Lincoln?

As for the films, well, the only nominated film I’ve seen completely was Alice in Wonderland. And that I watched in bits and pieces until I pieced it together into a whole movie. As for Toy Story 3, I saw the end, that was enough.

Other than realizing that I’m totally out of the loop with certain aspects of pop culture, I realized the reason behind my lack of knowledge. I don’t have time. Something had to give. Between raising a small child, and one could argue a husband, and the beginning of what I hope to be a long writing career, I have given up much of my television viewing and movie going experiences. (Confession, I still haven’t seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 yet.)

So as I watched show last, while reading my book during commercial breaks and really bad speeches (I’m looking at you, Christian Bale), it dawned on me the real reasons I didn’t know who Melissa Leo was or that  The Fighter wasn’t a biopic about Sylvester Stallone (who knew). Writing has taken away those hours where I would lounge in front of the TV, but it has given me so much more. It isn’t something I would trade. Not even for a Golden Globe to call my own.



7 comments on “What I Learned from The Golden Globes

  • If only I could get a well-paid writing gig which let me watch television all day, but didn’t require me to be so brutally honest about most of the stuff on television… The real reason I don’t watch as much television as I did in my teens is that so much of it is awfully written – the small stuff I can overlook, but when the overarcing plot, characterization, and continuity is disregarded so one (minor) story can be told, I decide to stop watching. The moment varies from show to show, but the shark-jumping tendencies seem to get stronger as the seasons wear on.

  • I think you learned that maybe this kind of award show is the problem. Think about it, you’ve already heard of the good movies, books, music, and shows you are interested in. Did the show give you anything of interest that you couldn’t have learned by reading a rundown the next morning? I would like Glee and Big Bang Theory whether they won awards or not and I’ll watch The Fighter or not but based on my own interests…not on whether it won an award or not. And now that you mention it, I’m doubly glad I didn’t see the show because I like Bale as an actor and would rather not see him as an ass. I already can’t bring myself to watch anything with Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, or Jim Carry so I’d just as soon not see these folks outside of their professions.

    • Good point, Jim. I like the awards shows for the clips, which the GG didn’t really have this year to promote individual performances. Plus, I enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes people get recognized, which didn’t really happen.
      I think this year was my last for the GG. It felt pretty pointless. Except for the fashion, but I see pics online.

  • This is how I feel about the Oscars. I have no idea what’s going on and have usually seen one or two of the top films. I was a little better on the Golden Globes, knowing some of the TV shows. Well, actually the TV comedies.

    My family loves watching TV together, but there isn’t enough time to waste. When I hear about a new show, I usually don’t watch it because I don’t want to add anything. Having said that, I’d happily substitute the 1/2 hr Modern Family and 30 Rock for the 1 hr Glee. The first two are so funny and sharply written. Glee has great moments, and I like the overall idea, but the plotlines drive me crazy. I’ve also found that the DVR helps a LOT, because a 1/2hr show is more like 20 minutes and you’re not wasting time on commercials.

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