Published January 10, 2011 by LS Murphy

There is a snowstorm on the way. It won’t produce a terrible amount, but it will drop enough of the white stuff to make the world look magical.

I love winter. It is my favorite time of year. Spring and Fall are nice too. Summer is too hot. Winter is just right for me. Curling up in a chair or on the coach with a blanket (or Snuggie) is heaven. Add a good book and a steaming cup of hot chocolate…Perfection.

When I was a child, a good snowstorm meant sledding and snow angels. If it was windy enough, my brothers and I would also build tunnels in the snow drifts that rose high in our driveway. We would have a blast. For some reason, we spent more time together in the winter. Probably because they weren’t taking off on their bikes to the neighbor’s house.

When Spring comes, I’ll miss watching the snow fall in big flakes and the trees glistening in the breaking dawn. I’ll miss the warmth of a good fire and the way hot chocolate warms you from the inside out.

Most of all, I’ll miss that feeling of family and togetherness that winter always brings. Summer is when we go our separate ways.


10 comments on “Let It SNOW

  • Oh, what a heartfelt post. I agree with you, I love the snow because it kind of forces our family to hang out together, come up with creative activities inside and make use of all of our board games:)

  • I liked this – your perspective on the snow, it’s one I hadn’t considered before, loving the WARM as I do. But I guess you love the WARM, too – it’s like an ode to being “cozy” – emotionally and physically.
    Hmmm. Maybe we WILL take that trip to the snow after all…

  • I’m snowed in, and enjoying my “snowcation” very much. Having lived in Mediterranean climes most of my life, this is quite a shock! I love how pretty it looks – I just wish it weren’t quite so cold! Luckily, my house is well-stocked with everything I could need, and I don’t plan on leaving it!

  • I WANT SNOW! We’ve only had a light dusting and then it vanished quickly. Yesterday was our coldest day 15 degrees (I live in Albuquerque). I love to snuggle during winter too. Several years back we had so much snow, we couldn’t get out of the garage. It’s just a crap shoot here whether we’ll get it or not. Maybe next year. 😦

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