Car Cams

Published January 7, 2011 by LS Murphy

As I read this story on, I couldn’t help but think THANK GOD WE DIDN’T HAVE THIS WHEN I WAS A KID! Okay, I actually shouted that out loud.

Anyway, the car cam would’ve caught me doing all kinds of really, really bad things.

You know that scene in Teen Wolf when Michael J. Fox was “car surfing”? Yep, guilty. Mom never knew. Well, until now. SORRY MOM! In fact, I can tell you exactly the spot I first car surfed…right in front of the high school. Call me daring or call me stupid, it was FUN.

Famous car chases in the movies almost always have one car doing airborne. Oh, yeah, I found a way to do that. There is a street in my hometown that once had railroad tracks going through it. When they paved over the dead tracks, it created the perfect incline to get my car in the air. Again, SORRY MOM.

One time I did actually get kind of busted for bad driving. The police called my house. Mom wasn’t happy. I’d lost my front license plate in an alley. OOPS. I got the evil eye for that one.

I’m much better now. You don’t have to be scared when you see me coming down the road, usually at the speed limit. I don’t car surf. I don’t try to go airborne. Rarely do I go down blind alleys. I learned to be a good driver. I’ve only had ONE speeding ticket in my long driving career.

Like I said, I’m SOOOOO glad that they didn’t have these cameras back then. I’d still be grounded.


5 comments on “Car Cams

  • I’ve always been cautious driving (Cautious Kel) so I don’t think the car cam would have bothered me, though I wouldn’t want my p’s to know where I was every second or see who I might have kissed in the car! 😉
    I wonder if I’ll install one of those when my kids start driving….

  • My brother wants to get one of those “black box” type tracking devices when his son (now only 5!) can drive. Know why? He was a CRAZY driver himself. I don’t think it’ll take long for nephew to figure out to say “I’m going to Bobby’s,” park his car at Bobby’s and then go tear it up with Bobby in HIS car. Sheesh.

  • Maybe they should have personal tracking cams for the subway, because I know when my son is a teenager I will have nightmares about what he and his pals are getting up to. But at least he won’t be driving, since we don’t own a car. There is always something.

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