Twas the Night Before a Writer’s Christmas

Published December 9, 2010 by LS Murphy

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the pages,
Not a character was stirring, not even the mages.
The stockings had fallen by the chimney, who cares,
I’ve got to revise this chapter about bears.

The children were buggered and snug in their beds
While visions of goblins danced in my head.
The hubby’s in bed, and I’m at my desk
To finally settle in and fix this whole mess.

When down in the kitchen, my coffee pot beeps,
I rush to fill my mug as my heart leaps.
The idea hits hard as I pour that black gold.
I have to get it down before it turns mold.

I stir in the sugar and mix in the cream
Hoping this fix isn’t just a dream.
Back at my computer, I retype the letters
Hoping against hope that the words are better.

Soon it’s midnight, then one, then two.
I’ve written and revised, that’s what I do.
I click on save, then back it up twice
And crawl into bed, my sleep sacrificed.

The alarm sounds early, and I’m at it again,
Must get work done before the festivities begin.
The hubby makes breakfast as I type away,
Then it’s all over. I’m done, HOORAY.

All through Christmas morning, I think of my book
The binding and cover, the way it will look
When it’s finally on the shelf of every store in town.
It’s just a dream I refuse to put down.

Maybe someday, my dream will come true.
Until it does, I’ll keep writing for you.
Merry Christmas to all, wherever your look,
Now get off your bums and go buy a BOOK!


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