Technology FAIL

Published November 27, 2010 by LS Murphy

My laptop has bit the dust. In the same week, so has my Crackberry.

Not a good techno week for me.

On one side, there is the simple fact that I was going to replace both sooner rather than later. My laptop is OLD and runs slower than a tortoise. The crackberry was not old, but my contract is up (yay!) with my cell provider at the end of December. I plan on switching services. In fact the crackberry is only 11 months old. EPIC fail.

The laptop runs on Vista and didn’t have enough memory to upgrade to Windows 7. So I’ve been inspecting and shopping and biding my time. I found the one I want. Unfortunately, there were any good Black Friday deals with it so I’m still biding my time.

I’m actually less upset about the death of my beloved laptop than the crackberry.

Last December, I called my provider to find out when my contract was up. I hated the crackberry (Pearl) I had and desperately wanted to break free. They offered me a replacement Curve for free to placate me. Since my plan had away to go, I accepted the free offer. now I can shop around to switch carriers.

That has been my week. A failed laptop. A failed cell phone. All served with a side of turkey dinner.

It could’ve been worse.



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