Wine in Missouri

Published October 31, 2010 by LS Murphy

Just south of Interstate 70, a small town called Hermann sits along the southern bank of the Missouri River.  Its population of just under 2,000 swells in October when the town celebrates Octoberfest.

Hermann was founded in the 1830s by German immigrants. It was meant to be a little bit of Germany in the middle of America. And it still is.

But with wine.

This year was my first in Hermann during Octoberfest. Our group of friends, who affectionately call themselves “The Brew Crew” (which has nothing to do with the Milwaukee Brewers), gathered at Hermanof Winery for a day of wine, friends, and fun.

But there is more to this little town than wine.

Hermann feels like taking a step back in time. The brick architecture of the main drag is old, weathered, and absolutely gorgeous. (If you’ve read my posts in the past, then you know I have a thing for buildings.)

There is more to Hermann than just Octoberfest. There is a sense of time slowing down, an actual place to relax and enjoy life. Sit out on a patio. Walk by the river and look at the barges passing slowly by. Or take your bike and ride on the Katy Trail before returning to Hermann for lunch or dinner. But mostly, just relax in an environment that demands it.

That’s what I loved about Hermann. Relaxing, hanging with my friends while they drank copious amounts of wine.

Want proof?

Yeah, like I said COPIOUS amounts of wine. (And those are only the ones I could fit in the picture.)

I hope they can keep up with production for next year. I’m fairly certain we all will be back for more. And if you see the rag-tag crew pictured below, join us. We always welcome new members.




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