Pumpkin Pickin’

Published October 13, 2010 by LS Murphy

October means one thing: HALLOWEEN! Nothing is better than a good ole jack-o-latern with a tealight candle lighting the way for little boys and girls to get FREE CANDY!

All this leads back to the pumpkin. Back in the day (as my husband likes to say), pumpkin pickin’ was just that; going into a field and picking out your pumpkin(s) then paying for them. Or, if you were lazy, going to the grocery store and buying one that way.

Now it’s a festival of its own. There are craft booths and lots of food. Heck, there is even a band at the one we went to. They weren’t too bad either. Naturally, my two-year old daughter was all about the goats and cows and ponies. Oh my! For the slightly older kids, there were rides and a giant pyramid of hay.

Even with all the fun and games, the only thing that matters is finding that one pumpkin (or two or three) that will light the way for the Trick or Treaters. That is the true joy of pumpkin pickin’.

Hopefully, everyone finds their perfect pumpkin.


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