If I Had My Camera…

Published October 8, 2010 by LS Murphy

Why is it that I never have my camera with me when I see something so awesome, so beautiful, so unique that I feel the need to capture it?


It never fails.

Today, I noticed a church on a side street that had no roof. The front of the building stood with its peak high in the air and, seemingly, no support. Unfortunately, I had to keep on my merry way to complete my errands.

But I drove by it again just to get another glance.

It appeared to have sat like that for a while. It was just a shell of its former self. Grass and weeds grew were the floor would’ve been. The rear peak was stabilized by two long poles. The church wasn’t very big but it built of beautiful stone. 

It reminded me of the cover of G. P. Taylor’s Shadowmancer.

If I had my camera, I could post a picture. If I had my camera, I could share the beauty of this abandoned church. If I had my camera….

Maybe it wouldn’t have seemed as beautiful. Maybe it would have just been seen as four walls that needed to be torn down. Maybe it would have lost its magic.

Still, I wish I did have my camera with me.

Lesson learned.


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