The Struggle

Published August 24, 2010 by LS Murphy

Writing is a struggle day in and day out. No writer will deny this. Once we hit the moment, that stride in a manuscript where it all starts to come together, it’s worth the pain and suffering.

I’m at the beginning of a first draft. I love this idea. I love the characters but I’m still struggling. Part of the problem is that wonderful pesky muse that has tossed not one but two ideas in my head. Both of which I’m swooning over and desperate to work on.

Then there’s the “finished” manuscript, the one that still needs revisions. (Are they ever really finished? No, not really.) Now, I’m debating about changing the way it ends. Should I? Did I end it the way I did because it was easier for my main character? Is the ending a cop-out? Or is it just perfect the way it is?

Naturally, there is the biggest struggle most underpublished, and even some published, authors have. Time. Ever elusive, always running out before everything gets done.  We need time to write, to read, to network, to go to workshops and critiques groups. And we still need more to spend with our families. Yes, time is the biggest obstacle of them all. There is never enough and sometimes too much is wasted.

There are many layers to my recent struggles. So where do I go now?

That’s not an easy question since there is more than one answer. But there is only one answer for me.

Keep going. Keep writing. And keep caffeinated.


One comment on “The Struggle

  • Time — always the enemy, never enough of it! And personally, my job and all the writing I do there adds another challenge to it for me. But you definitely have the right answers, and the ones I need to remember. (Although I have to watch the amount of caffeine — LOL!)

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