Up in Smoke

Published July 14, 2010 by LS Murphy

I’m an ex-smoker. It’s been four years since I took my last puff on that sweet Marlboro Light. Sometimes I miss it. More often than not, I don’t.

The smokers vs non-smokers war has been going on for…well, since people started smoking nicotine. I’ve been on both sides of that war. When I smoked, I didn’t even try to light up in non-smoking areas. If I fired up my lighter in a smoking area and someone complained, I was of the opinion that they should move. And I still hold on to that opinion. If I walk into a bar, I shouldn’t expect everyone to quit smoking because I don’t smoke. Sorry. That’s life.

Today, in the office building where I work, a woman was smoking in the restroom. The building, with the exception of a bar/restaurant, is non-smoking. I pointed it out to her that there isn’t any smoking in the restroom. Her response, “Oh I just saw the sign”.


There is a HUGE sign on the restroom door that you can’t miss. It’s directly under “Woman’s”. There isn’t a sign in the actual bathroom. So, sorry, chickie but you are a liar. Plan and simple. Basically, she just didn’t want to put the cigarette out to do what she needed to do. How can I say that for certain? I’ve been there. And smoking is more expensive now so I actually understand why.

Smoking is a great asset to our country. We generate a whole lot of taxes from cigarette sales. If you want to smoke, be my guest. Just do it in smoking areas. And make certain they are smoking areas, please. The rest of us don’t want to have to smell it.


One comment on “Up in Smoke

  • Indeed. I agree with you completely. My country recently passed a law that smoking indoors is illegal and I endorse that completely but what this now does is send more people out on the streets with their cigarettes and as a pedestrian to get that smoke in your face, it’s the worse…smh

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