World Naked Bike Ride

Published June 21, 2010 by LS Murphy

This last weekend, the World Naked Bike Ride rolled through St. Louis. I did not participate but I know someone who did.

The ride isn’t just to show off the natural goodies. It’s to protest overuse of oil. It isn’t anything new either. It’s been around for years in cities all over the world. So this was not a direct response to the massive BP oil spill destroying our beautiful Gulf Coast.

The problem is the misunderstanding. On, comments on the story ranged from support to flat-out ridicule.

These comments in quotes are taken directly from the website, typos and all. My responses follow.
“SO lets see. Ill bet those bicycle tires and seats were a petro chemical product and no doubt the bicycles were delivered to the store by a truck etc so on and so forth. What a laugh”
True. Tires are made of petrol. HOWEVER, they do not use as much as a car because, you know, cars have tires and use oil and use gas. And they are delivered by trucks, etc. So, you tell me, which is better?
“This has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Why even bother calling it a protest against foreign oil? Call it what it is. It’s a bunch of weirdo voyeurs trying to push the envelop of creepiness. Consider the envelop well pushed you weirdos. Then put some cloths on, go to walmart, and join the rest of society.”
WOW. I wonder if this person actually SAW the bike ride or is just commenting to a story he/she read on the website. And to refer to people he never met as “weirdos”? I particularly like the comment of going to “Wal-Mart” because that’s what our society does. We go to Wal-Mart.
“Yeah, not to sound like a prude but come on KSDK! Showing naked butts at 6a.m. in the morning? A little censorship for those who have children and are not expecting nudity and quite frankly gross. We can hit the mute button for things we don’t want our little ones to hear however butts on the screen send you diving for the remote while yelling LET’S ALL GET READY FOR CHURCH!”
WOW times two. First of all, two words: First Amendment. Second, and I think I’m stating the obvious here but this person must disagree with everything that’s on the morning news unless it’s got like bunnies or something. I don’t know but the murder of a woman on the interstate that was the LEAD story is not something I really want my daughter to see. So, TURN THE CHANNEL! And, by the way, people were naked in the Bible. So take that to Church.
 My point is simple. If you don’t agree with it and it doesn’t affect your life or harm you in any way, why are you complaining about it?
Here’s the story:

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