War of the Words

Published June 8, 2010 by LS Murphy

Matthew Engel wrote an interesting article at MailOnline about Americanisms invading British English. It’s aptly titled “Britain declares war on words that snuck into our skedule”.  Okay.


First, in this article, I have to point out that Americanisms should be replaced by American English for Mr. Engel stay true to British English. After all, that is really the point of the article, right? But if Mr. Engel wants to really stay true ot British English, all the articles should be written in Old English for it to be completely British.

The fact of the matter is this: language evolves. Yes, it is that simple.

I could argue a variety of different British English slang that I don’t understand the reasoning behind, (loo, for example), but I would rather accept the fact that the world is more global than ever before. Language changes and there is nothing we can do about it. No matter how much it irritates us.

And, believe me, there are plenty of slangs that I cannot stand. Just for example, let’s hope this one never crosses the Atlantic, using “a minute” to denote any length of time. “How long ago did you call?” “A minute.” Only to learn the reality is that the call came in four hours prior. I hear this a lot.

So, Mr. Engel, the ball is in your court. I suggest you cease-fire and offer up no more resistence to American English. It’s a battle you won’t win.

Read Matthew Engel’s article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1284254/Britain-declares-war-words-snuck-skedule-.html


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