Rock Candy

Published May 27, 2010 by LS Murphy

A few weeks ago back I took a stroll down memory lane, as I’m apt to do. My family and I went to a local antique show which is billed as a flea market. In one of the back booths, there was a guy selling a variety of homemade yummy goodness.

There was fudge, chocolate and peanut butter, sometimes even combined. There were suckers and lollipops. Yep, they are two different things. And there was a whole section devoted to a childhood favorite of mine: Rock Candy.

Just seeing the name took me back to the little two-story farmhouse I grew up in. I transported into my eight year old self standing in front of the stove and making rock candy. It isn’t hard and doesn’t have a lot of flavor unless you add some.  

But it is such a sugar rush!

My brothers and I would devour the candy then go on a sugar high rush around the pasture, chasing the horses or cows or whatever got in our way. We became fearless. We’d talk so fast that we’d finish a conversation before we really started it.

I stood in front of the table in awe. Somehow I’d forgotten about this little piece of heaven.

My fourteen year old niece watched me. She asked, “What flavor are you getting?

I shrugged. “Have you ever had it?”

“No. Get the strawberry.”

I paid for my strawberry rock candy and forced my niece to try it. She couldn’t finish her piece.

Funny, I thought it needed a tad more sugar.

Simple recipe for Rock Candy,187,145175-245204,00.html


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