Life is Like a Song

Published May 25, 2010 by LS Murphy

The wildly popular show Glee is on the final countdown to its first complete season. I count myself among the throngs of followers known as Gleeks. For me, there hasn’t been a show on TV that has my undivided attention since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sure I have favorite shows but if I miss an episode, I don’t mind it so much.

But I can’t miss Glee.

There is something magical in the idea of spontaneously bursting into song. The idea that I could have run down the hallways of my high school singing “Up All Night” by Slaughter (my self-proclaimed theme song) or “Poison” by Alice Cooper makes me smile a little bit. What makes me grin from ear to ear is the image of my classmates singing during class or a basketball game. That almost makes me laugh out loud.


Reality is most of us only wish we could sing. We try. We sing in our cars. We sing in the showers or any place we won’t be heard. All because we love to sing.

That’s one reason why we love Glee. Because we wish that was us on the screen.

Maybe the demon Sweets from the episode “Once More with Feeling” of Buffy will show up one day in reality so we can sing our hearts out regardless of the sound. It would be kind of cool to walk down Market on my way to a Cardinals game and sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the top of my lungs.

Wait… I do that anyway.


3 comments on “Life is Like a Song

  • I’m not a GLEEK. I intended to watch the show, but I always forgot when it came on. However, I do frequently wish I could just burst into song at work. My sister and I have discussed this at length. Our song is ‘What About Me’. The idea is sliding down the hallway on our knees singing the chorus:
    “What about me
    It isn’t fair
    I’ve had enough
    Now I want my share”

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