Three Sides to the Story

Published May 20, 2010 by LS Murphy

It’s pretty well documented that I am one opinionated person. Sometimes I need my friends to show me the other side to the story so I can get past my own ideas. And I appreciate that. Really, I do. As a writer, the need to see more than one side is necessary.

There are occasions when I can see beyond my own opinions without assistance. Yesterday is a good example.

My husband called me because he was a little ticked off that someone stole his lunch at work. They left the plastic bag and the fork he brought in the fridge but made off with his frozen meal. Naturally, you’d think I was pissed.

And you’d be right. I got over it pretty quick.

He works in a professional office. Most of the people make enough money to buy their own $2.99 frozen meal. Yep, I said “most”.

While I see this in a variety of different ways which offend me, I can’t help but wonder who would be so desperate for food that they would steal someone’s lunch. What is their life like outside the office? Is this the same person that stole a different lunch a few weeks back? Is this the same person that ate half of someone else’s food then threw it in the trash?

These are valid questions. If I was writing this, I’d know the answer. I would have sat down and figured out the motivation. I would have known ALL the sides of the story: the protagonist’s, the antagonist’s, and the truth.

The reality is we only see OUR truth. Looking beyond that is vital to a good piece of fiction.

It would be a better way to look at life.

I’ll keep working on that. We all should.

Today’s Earworm brought to you by the letter Q, as in Avenue Q:


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