The Issue with the Mall

Published May 18, 2010 by LS Murphy

A local mall is implementing an “escort policy” for anyone under 18 who wants to shop on Friday and Saturday. After 6pm, these minors have to have an adult escort.


As an unwilling adult, I get that the mall is trying to stop the troublemakers. Really, I do. I see some punks around the mall on Saturdays and I just want to shake them. They drive me crazy. And I’m normally at the mall around 2 in the afternoon.

As a forever-at-heart teenager, this is a bunch of crap. There are more good kids out there than bad. And what if they are on a date? A lot of movie theaters are located in malls. Who wants a freaking escort on a date? Where can these kids go now?  

This all seems a little stupid. How many “grown-ups” really shop that late? And if you go to the mall, what do you really expect to see? Malls are made for teenagers with money to burn. Most of the stores are geared towards them, not us. Sorry, but it’s true. 

Officials say that this policy is being implemented with the imput of the local government, school officials, and community leaders. All because of “inapporpriate behavior” of a few kids. What behavior? No specifics were provided. As for school officials….When do they run the mall?

Malls are there to make money. Period. Instead of adding more security, this particular mall implements a policy that will only alienate its customers. Five years from now, these kids will remember that they couldn’t hang out there. 

As what is pretty much the norm in our society, the bad ruins the fun for the good. Even if there is more good than bad.


3 comments on “The Issue with the Mall

  • I can see both sides of it. I suppose it depends on how bad the crime is in the mall. As casual shoppers, the average adult might not really see the problems that employees and customers have to deal with after dark.

    • The adult in me agrees with you. The mall is located in a fairly large suburban area. If they are really going to implement this, the definition of “inappropriate behavior” should be defined. Are they seeing an increase in crime committed by this age group? Are they seeing sexual things that aren’t appropriate in a mall setting? There are too many questions for me.

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