New Eyes

Published May 13, 2010 by LS Murphy

I enjoy buying new clothes and new shoes but not necessarily shopping for them. The mall and I do not get along. Never have, never will. The only thing I absolutely love shopping for? New glasses.

Since I was in the fourth grade, I’ve worn glasses. I love them. There was a time when I did try contacts in high school and once in my adult incarnation. Both times equalled disaster. My eyes are so jacked up that the contacts never fit.

And I don’t look like me without specs.

New glasses give me a chance to change my look more dramatically than a new shirt. I can’t switch back to my old lenses. I can always change my shirt. They give me a chance to explore a new me. It may sound silly but it’s true. Whenever I put my new frames on, I feel like a new woman.

Weird, I know.

Last night, I sat through the eye exam waiting for that glorious moment when I could trust a complete stranger to help me try out some frames. Jolene, yep that’s her name, handed me a pair of steel-blue frames with wider-than-I-normally-wear ear pieces. I loved them right away. We tried on a few others but none of them felt like the first pair.

We moved on to the sunglasses phase. Jolene informed me of a special they were running. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to spend the cash on prescription sunglasses. But I tried a few on for fun and we agreed to calculate the cost.

I ended up buying the sunglasses too. Deal was too good.

Now, I have to sit back and patiently wait for seven to ten days for my new look. This is the worst part. I hate waiting.


One comment on “New Eyes

  • I’m with you! I really hate clothes shopping (well all shopping in general), and do most of it online. I like having new stuff that looks good on me, but really hate all the trying on and browsing and walking about carrying bags. Ugh.

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