An Afternoon at the Theatre

Published May 2, 2010 by LS Murphy

Yesterday, I finally got to see Avenue Q at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis.  Since I have a husband, a 2-year-old, two cats, and a dog, (that’s five children if you’re keeping track), the afternoon shows are perfect opportunity to get out of the house. I can stay awake without even a hint of yawning.

In the gorgeous lobby of the theatre, I participated in my all-time favorite activity: people watching. After many afternoon shows throughout the years, it never ceases to amaze me the number of people who come to see a Broadway production in jeans. Yes, I know it was a Saturday afternoon but that doesn’t justify it. There were even people in shorts. Not the dressy shorts some women try to pull off for work. I saw guys wearing baggy cargo shorts. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that barely stay over the hips even with a belt. And I even saw….Dare I say it…. FLIP FLOPS!

Shocker, I know.

Maybe I’m just a theatre snob. That’s entirely possible. I don’t think people do this on Broadway or the West End. Is it a Midwestern thing? In my humble opinion, the whole thing stinks of laziness. Is it really that hard to put on a pair of khakis? A pair of dress shoes?

The cast and crew work hard to put on the performance night after night. And they did a great job. It’s not a sign of respect when someone shows up in the same clothes they might wear to Wal-Mart or the zoo. I’m not saying wear a tux, just wear something you might wear to work.

(For the record, I wore a pair of black dress pants, black and white dress shirt, and some kicking open-toed heels. I have to practice what I preach after all. )

Someday, I might get over this. Highly unlikely but the possibility is always there. 🙂


2 comments on “An Afternoon at the Theatre

  • Part of me agrees with you, but on the other hand I like the fact that they chose to go to the theatre and enjoy some of that special entertainment.

    At our local theatre, people who dress up sit in the “dress circle” upstairs and don’t necessarily mix with the riff-raff. But honestly I love it that the riff-raff is there, rather than being out seeing the latest 3D shoot-em-up.

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