The iPod Shuffle

Published April 29, 2010 by LS Murphy

I have 375 songs on my beloved MP3 player.  I’m going to hit shuffle …now…and let you into my musical world. Here are the 1st ten songs that popped up.

1. Poison by Alice Cooper

2. Dirt Room by Blue October

3. High School Never Ends by Bowling for Soup (It’s true too. Here’s proof:

4. Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse

5. If Only by Bowling for Soup

6. Infest by Papa Roach

7. Veronica by Elvis Costello

8. Sad Sad Situation by Bowling for Soup

9. Second Chance by Shinedown

10. Here with Me by Michelle Branch

Bonus: Over and Over by Nelly featuring Tim McGraw

Guess, according to my little computerized miracle of miracles, I really wanna hear Bowling for Soup. It’s right too. I rarely skip any of their songs when I’m rocking out. Naturally, this list doesn’t say everything about my musical tastes. How Brian Setzer failed to make it, well….is all random.

Bowling for Soup is inevitable though. I have three albums downloaded on there. I’m surprised there weren’t more.

Rock on, people. Music will never die.


2 comments on “The iPod Shuffle

  • I love how you show so much of yourself on your blog! Too many are afraid to be “real” or share anything of themselves because they don’t want to offend or drive off someday potential readers.

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