The Fear of Twisters

Published April 26, 2010 by LS Murphy

I’m not gonna lie. I’m a wuss when it comes to tornadoes. Whenever I hear the sirens, I’m halfway down the basement stairs in the blink of an eye. Most of my fear comes from the simpler days of life in the country.

I grew up on a farm ten miles from town. No warning sirens for us.  Whenever the weather would get hairy, Dad would go outside and stand on the porch. His eyes never left the sky. Even in the dark of night, he would watch the movement of the clouds.

Freaked. Me. Out.

My freshman year in high school there was a scary moment. Well, scary for me.  After one of the greatest days in my young life, our track team headed home from a nearby meet. It was only about a half an hour’s drive. The wind whipped around our bus. Just outside a small little burg, the radio squawked. We all listened. There was a tornado sighted just outside the little town we were driving through.

Freaked. Me. Out.

I sat in the bus, desperately trying to think about anything else. When we got back to the school, I ran to the pay phone to call my mom. I told her to stay on the farm. I’d go to a friend’s house. Naturally, she laughed at me. But she listened.

I’ll never get used to the sirens. Maybe someday the fear will diminish a little. But I doubt that will happen any time soon, especially since I have a daughter of my own now. At least, now I can claim to freak out because of her instead. Then I’ll look like a protective mother instead of a scaredy-cat.

My heart goes out to the people in Mississippi.


One comment on “The Fear of Twisters

  • I’m with you – terrified of tornado warnings and sirens still. My family had to go into the basement a couple of times when I was a kid, though no tornadoes ever hit near us. But it was enough to keep me paranoid about them even as an adult! Glad that I’m not the only one. 🙂

    Devastaing to read about what happened in Mississippi. I’ve with you on that too.

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