Earth to Humans…

Published April 22, 2010 by LS Murphy

April 22nd. Earth Day. Why is it one day?

I don’t profess to be any kind of environmentalist but there are easy simple things that we can do every day to make life a little better for Mother Earth.

1. RECYCLE – Easier said than done for some people. At my house we have more recyclables than actual trash these days. Most of that has to do with our trash collection company. At the beginning of the year, they provided us with a bigger bin for anything that can be recycled. No more sorting.  can throw my glass, paper and plastics in ONE BIG COLLECTOR! It’s awesome.

unfortunately, there are people who simply don’t have this luxury. There are still trash companies that insist you sort. Let’s face reality. Most of us are too busy. We work full-time, have families, have obligations. Sorting is s just a pain in the ass. The only thing you can do is call your trash company and complain. And take the time to sort.

2. TURN OFF STUFF – This is so freaking easy! Leaving the family room? Turn off all the lights and the TV. Cell phone charged? Unplug the charger from the outlet. Guess what? When you aren’t home, the AC or heat doesn’t need to be set at astronomical heights. Turn it up/down (depending on the season of course) before you leave the house. Better yet, go out and shell out the cash for an electric, programmable thermostat. After you program it, you dont’ have to think about it. Easy Peasy.

3. TURN OFF THE WATER – Do you really need the water to run at full blast when you brush your teeth? Didn’t think so. You know what else? You don’t need to wash those three shirts as a full load in the machine. Maybe turn it down to a mini-load or, better yet, wait until you have a full load.

These are just a few easy, minor things that I do to make everyday Earth Day at my house. They aren’t a big deal. They don’t take a lot of effort or time. Sound off and tell me what you do to make this place a little better…


One comment on “Earth to Humans…

  • Good post! The company that does recycling here no longer accepts glass, nor do the local recycling centers. I am bummed about that. I have been recycling for years and years, and am thrilled to have curbside recycling now — also no need to sort! Just wish more people would get involved and take it seriously.

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