Published April 2, 2010 by LS Murphy

This week Latin singing sensation Ricky Martin declared his homosexuality. Yesterday, True Blood star Anna Paquin revealed herself to be bisexual in a public service announcement that supports tolerance for homosexual and transgendered.

Good for them.

No offense to Ricky Martin but everyone kinda already knew. The announcement was about as shocking as Clay Aiken’s.

Anna Paquin’s declaration was more surprising but I love how she did it. She didn’t hold a press conference. She didn’t give an exclusive interview to People or Us magazines. She told the world in an effort to teach everyone that tolerance is still needed.

It breaks my heart that people are still afraid to admit who they are. And I hope the PSA will help. If it doesn’t do much for toleration, (and let’s face it, people are stuck in their prejudices), maybe it will help a few people scared to come out do just that.

Be who you are.


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