No Prom?

Published March 11, 2010 by LS Murphy

Poor Itawamba County School District juniors and seniors. Because of an outdated policy, their prom has been cancelled. Because of a prejudice, their prom has been cancelled. Because of ignorance, they will not have that moment most kids look forward to.

Constance McMillen, 18 years old, knows who she is. She’s a lesbian. She has a girlfriend. Like most high school kids, she looked forward to taking her significant other to prom. The ACLU got involved, demanding that the school district change the policy of only opposite sex couples attending prom.

Now, no prom.

Itawamba County isn’t a very large community. Claiming that the district is cancelling the prom because of educational issues is a cop out. Instead of growing a set and admitting they just don’t want same-sex couples at the prom. They elude the cancellation is for other reasons. What they should do is just change to policy.

McMillen went about everything the smart, mature way. She knew of the policy. She appealed to officials. She was told no. On top of all that, she wouldn’t be allowed to wear that offensive tuxedo that is perfectly okay for the guys.

Not only is this outrageous, it ruins the idea of prom for everyone in the school. Prom is about dressing up in fancy clothes. Prom is about celebrating the final years in high school. Prom is about sharing it with the people you care about. It shouldn’t be about vulgar prejudices.

My hat goes off to Constance McMillen for knowing who she is and what she wants. When I was her age, I had no idea who I really was. If only other people would recognize the realities of the world, the kids could have their prom instead of a blank page in a yearbook.

News story can be seen here.


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