Corey Haim

Published March 10, 2010 by LS Murphy

Everyone will be reminiscing about Corey Haim today. I’m no exception. Not only does this tragedy take me back to my youth but it also reminds me of a great friendship. One that I’ve recently resurrected through Facebook.

Back in the heyday of the two Coreys (Haim and Feldman if you didn’t know), my bestest friend in the WHOLE wide world Sarah and I each picked one to crush on. She preferred Haim. I LOVED Corey Feldman with all my heart. We’d watch the movies over and over. We had numerous pictures in our lockers. One day in particular, I recall Sarah comforting me because someone I apparently ticked off had got into my locker. We didn’t have locks. There was no need for them.  Anyway, this culprit tore all my glorious Feldman pics from various Teen Beat magazines. (I’d still like to know who did that. Some grudges we don’t let go.)

Sarah and I eventually went our separate ways in high school. My interests changed, as did hers. Last year, we got in touch again through that great re-connector, Facebook. For the first time in years (dare I say at least a decade), we saw each other. Sarah graciously invited me to her wedding. I practically ran up to it.

I was terrified. I was excited. Every emotion you can image, I felt it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to chat. For crying out loud, it was her wedding after all. But it was wonderful. I missed her. I think I had missed her all these years without even knowing it. I was so incredible happy to see her so very much in love  with her new husband.

There was another perk too. I got to see another long-lost friend who served as Sarah’s Matron of Honor. Guess what? We suckered her into Facebook too.

This morning, when I heard the tragic news of Corey Haim’s demise. I thought of Sarah and all the memories of junior high and early high school. The first thing I did was text her.

It was her Corey after all.


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