Winter Olympics

Published February 16, 2010 by LS Murphy

The 2010 Winter Olympics are well underway. Our neighbors in the North have done a wonderful job promoting the games and the beautiful city of Vancover. The Opening Ceremony was a plethora of Canadian culture. It was not only beautiful but thought-provoking. It was also a reminder of how close the American culture and the Canadian culture are.

But the Olympics are so much more than cultural diversity and sports. Call me cheesy, call it cliché, but the Olympics are about hope.

These athletes, coaches, and even the cities gives all of us hope for something better. We all have dreams. Some are easily accomplished. Some, not so much. Every time we turn on the TV to watch a sport, we watch a dream come true. Whether it is the one representative from Jamaica or the hundreds of athletes from our own country. Or even the Georgian National team hoping to remind everyone of their fallen comrade. They work their butts off for this international stage that only comes once every four years.

Baseball players, hockey stars, basketball and football all-stars are always out in the public eye. But curling? Speed skating? These are really only seen during the Olympics by most of us. That’s when everyone realizes that Apolo Ohno is more than just a previous winner on Dancing with the Stars.

Not everyone is going to win the gold, silver, or bronze. Just like not every book that is published will be a bestseller. Just like not every song that is released will be a hit on Billboard or iTunes.  Just getting there is a dream come true.

Yep, the Olympics give us hope that if we work hard and keep trying, we can persevere. We can make our dreams become our reality. Even if that dreams is to just qualify.


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