Driving Lessons Needed

Published February 8, 2010 by LS Murphy

This morning, as I drove into the city in a flurry of snow, I saw two accidents within ten miles (if that) of each other. The first looked like the car hit some black ice and slid down an embankment. It was just after a small overpass. The second was much more serious. The vehicle was upside down on the wire median. This one was on flat ground.

So, I complied my Top Five Driving Lessons that seem to be needed in this area.

5. Control your speed with you gas not your brake. How many times do we all end up behind someone who pumps their brakes all the way down the highway even though there is NO ONE in front of them? Use your brakes to STOP or for emergency slowing down periods. It ain’t the Space Shuttle.

4. If a little rain or snow scares you, don’t drive. Call in sick or late for work or whatever. Heck move closer to your job. There really is no need to go 30 mph when there are just a few flurries coming down.

And speaking of snow…

3. CLEAN OFF YOUR CARS! Nobody enjoys snow bombs. Seriously, how hard is it to dust off your entire car? That’s right, it’s not.

2. Just so you know, your schedule isn’t more important than the guy in front of you so cutting into one lane then back over just to get in front of him in not only stupid and dangerous, it’s rather pointless. Ten seconds isn’t that much time.

1. You aren’t invincible because you drive a) an SUV, b) a sports car, or c) anything for that matter. Just take your time. If you’re running late, just be late. If you’re constantly running late, try getting up and out the door earlier instead of hitting the century mark on your speedometer. Be a) courteous and b) cautious. Other drivers will respond in time.

On last thought, dont’ forget the “Thank You” wave when someone lets you in front of them. Not only is it just a friendly gesture, it’s the right thing to do. Being nice seems to be a lost art in our fast paced world. It’s time to bring it back. Besides, you might just make that driver smile.


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